Done For You Set Up Recruitment & Staffing Business Service

Done For You Set Up Recruitment & Staffing Business

Perhaps you have the idea or desire to start a niche’ recruitment and staffing agency business but have neither the time nor expertise to build it. Or maybe you have an existing recruitment and staffing business with growing demand but are having challenges expanding its capacity.

No need to look for a franchise and you can stop wasting countless days, months and years searching for the perfect agency to purchase…

Identifize Consulting can do it for you!

Let’s face it, one of the fastest and most efficient ways to have your own fully-functional and profitable niche’ recruitment and staffing agency business is to have someone do the work for you, AND to show you how it’s done step-by-step.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs fail to hire someone to do it for them because they want to explore too many options, which in the long run costs lots of time and therefore a loss in profit generating revenue.

The great news is… Identifize Consulting can do it for you!

What Can We Do For You?
What Can We Do For You1

Don’t let concerns and challenges keep you from taking a great idea to market or cause your existing business to falter. Identifize Consulting offers services to produce the results you desire on your behalf so that you don’t have to worry about those issues.

We’ve helped clients produce fully functional high profiting niche’ recruitment and staffing agency businesses within the Information Technology space. Whether it’s software development, database management, security, infrastructure, technical support or executive management, our experienced Startup and Go team can do the job.

With our “do, coach, guide” approach: we will establish the foundation of your niche’ recruitment and staffing agency business, then we help you develop and hone your niche’ recruitment and staffing management and operational skills. We ensure your growth ready! We will minimize your learning curve and have an immediate impact on the startup and growth of your niche’ recruitment and staffing business.

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The staffing industry is now at an all-time high. Nearly 16 million Americans worked as a temp or contractor for a staffing agency in 2015. Those temporary placements translated into about $120 billion in revenue. That’s $13 billion more than Amazon’s last year. You can get a piece of the niche’ recruitment and staffing pie in seven easy steps, by completing the following application to see if you qualify for our winning program:

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Identifize Consulting will bring our team to your office, come into your existing business structure or create a new one for you, build out your infrastructure, set up backend systems, hire and train your staff, build your client and candidate sales and marketing funnel systems to generate and drive consistent leads for you and produce a minimum of $1,000,000 in sales.

Our headquarters are in Atlanta, GA, but don’t let proximity keep you from a successful business. Much of the work can be done virtually, and what cannot be done virtually, know that we’re only a flight away!

Some niche’ markets can require hefty insurance premiums from the very start. This can stress cash flows, making it expensive to hire employees and profit from the business. Luckily we work with the best insurance companies in the industry, providing the best rates for your niche’ market. Because you’ll be functioning as a small to mid-sized niche’ recruitment and staffing agency, your overhead and operating costs will also be low, and you’ll be working in a prime niche’ market. That’s three major benefits for you!

Don’t want to navigate the human resources minefield? Let Identifize Consulting deal with the crew. We are well experienced in dealing with all the complexity of hiring and retaining employees. Our job is to hire the best talent based on your organic growth structure. You have the option to be fully involved in the hiring process since this will, in fact, be your staff, however, we will do all the work for you including sourcing, screening, hiring and onboarding, training and holding each employee accountable based on tangible productivity goals.


Keeping up with human resources, legal, federal & state, Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), contract compliance

and Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance regulations and compliance can be a bit intimidating. With an experienced trained staff such as Identifize Consulting, we can help you mitigate the headaches around compliance. Let us assist you!

You will want to be ready and available to strategize, receive training, work on the business and work in the business. We’re setting the business up for you and getting the ball going to reach and exceed the one million mark, but this is your business and you will ultimately run it.

You can start with the basics – legalization of the business, however, we have worked with clients who didn’t even have that. All we require is that you start with an open mind and an eagerness to make this happen. We will be working with you and assisting you every step of the way.

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Let us help produce your profitable niche’ recruitment and staffing agency business and make your venture a reality — or, for existing businesses, let us help you grow more sustainably and become more profitable.

With a quick, initial consultation, we can determine if we can meet your specifications and expectations. Our team has been in the recruiting and staffing industry for more than 50 years collectively and are experienced in starting, building and training numerous types of recruiting and staffing agencies ranging from Healthcare to Healthcare IT to Information Technology and more.

This experience gives Identifize Consulting the ability to perform exceptional service in building and growing your niche’ recruitment and staffing agency business guaranteeing it will run in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Complete our short application to see if you qualify for this program:

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