Rookie Recruiter Training

Are you looking to become a recruiter, but have no previous experience? Are you looking to hire a new recruiter, but it’s not in the budget to hire a more skilled one? Have you just hired a rookie recruiter, but don’t have the training resources to get them up to speed? Our Rookie Recruiter Training could be a great solution for YOU!

Custom In House Training

Do you have multiple people that you want to have trained, but don’t want to bear the expense of travel and tuition? Great! We offer a Two-Day, Four-Day, Eight-Hour and Four-Hour in-house custom training for your team, delivered at your office, meeting location or at ours.

Virtual Consulting & Mentoring Training and Coaching

Sometimes…virtual is just easier and we can assist you. We offer:

  • One Hour Calls & Lunch-N-Learns.
  • Five Hours of Training, Coaching or Consulting.
  • Ten Hours of Training, Coaching or Consulting.
Let us help you navigate the current talent shift.