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“Recruiting and staffing is like dating. If the attraction and flow isn’t organic, there is no match.” ~ Dee Williams, Founder Identifize Consulting


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We’re a small company who believes in seeing people succeed in life. We strongly believe in the power of building genuine relationships to enhance the sourcing, recruiting and job hunting process. Better than anything else, we find recruitment talent, we fill your recruitment jobs, we help you build recruiting strategies, we develop recruiters, and transform recruiting professionals through training and coaching. Simply put, we are a very deliberate and strategic partner for your business.   

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Contract and Direct Hire Search, Staffing & Placement Solutions
Contract and Direct Hire Search, Staffing & Placement Solutions

Talent is the new scarce resource. It’s important that you have recruiters and/or staffing professionals on your staff who know how to find and deliver exceptional talent and will help your company or your client companies reach the top, boost productivity, and maintain a strong competitive advantage. Lucky for you, we ONLY place the VERY BEST and MOST TALENTED Sourcers, Recruiters, and Talent Acquisition professionals worldwide. Our confidential recruitment and staffing solutions will help build your team. Are you ready to start or grow your recruitment team? If so, let’s talk!

Training and Coaching For The Recruitment & Staffing Industry
Training and Coaching For The Recruitment & Staffing Industry

You want and deserve the very best recruiters – yet, you settle for average recruiters. Allow us to transform your average recruiter to the very best recruiter on the market. Whether you’re looking to transform one recruiter or an entire team, WE ARE your #1 resource for developing and delivering confidential custom training and coaching programs. We support recruitment departments, staffing agencies, and recruiters who are looking to build a career in recruitment and staffing. Is your current system positioned to create TOP Recruitment professionals? If not, let’s talk!

Start, Build and Grow Your Recruitment & Staffing Business
Start, Build and Grow Your Recruitment & Staffing Business

The global staffing market alone achieved $428 Billion in revenue in 2016 and The Niche’ Solution is taking over. If you’re looking to start a niche’ recruitment or staffing business, our team can help! We work with Investors, Venture Capitalist, Private Equity Firms, Independent Recruiters, and Entrepreneurs who are looking to make a major impact in the world through recruitment and staffing. Talent is the world’s scarce resource and your knowledge, skills, experience and ingenuity is needed. If you’re looking for someone to help you bring your idea to life, let’s talk confidentially!


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