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In 2017, companies in the U.S. spent $141 Billion on staffing services and companies globally spent $428 Billion.

  • 24% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The IT Industry
  • 15% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Office Clerical Industry
  • 13% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Healthcare Industry
  • 7% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Finance & Accounting Industry
  • 6% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Engineering/Design Industry
  • 3% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From Other Professional Industries
  • 2% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Clinical/Scientific Industry
  • 1% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Education Industry
  • 1% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Legal Industry
  • 1% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Marketing & Creative Industry

There are 19,408 staffing firms operating in the U.S.

  • Only 140 firms generated $100M in Revenue.
  • 1,428 recruitment & staffing firms generated $5M – $10M in revenue
  • 5,534 firms generated $1M-$5M in revenue.
  • 10,815 firms generated less than $1M in revenue

There is extensive opportunity for you create and scale with the right strategy and execution because not one of these firms has a significant market share. If you fall into one of these brackets, we would like to assist you with scaling and taking your niche’ recruitment & staffing business to the next level.

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What does all of this really mean? It means opportunity – and not just any opportunity. We’re talking about THE opportunity to bring your knowledge, skills, experience, network, and ingenuity to develop the most creative and inspiring solutions to critical recruitment, staffing and hiring challenges using the Niche’ Solution. Let us assist you with starting your very own niche’ recruitment and staffing business:

  • Step-By-Step Instructions from Idea to Set-Up to Growth!
  • Strategic Tools, Supplies, Technology, and Resources!
  • A Community of  Staffingpreneurs For Growth & Networking!
(Source: Staffing Industry Analyst US Staffing Industry Forecast, April 2017 Update)

That was just a basic overview of how the business works. It’s important for you to know that this market is crowded in it’s current form. It’s reported that there are around 22,000 staffing agencies in the U.S. alone. If you’re looking to excel in this business, you will want to come to the table with a unique approach using The Niche’ Solution.

In business, leverage is one of the most valuable assets you can have. The Niche’ Solution is a concept that allows you to create leverage within a crowded market, by choosing a niche’ segment and/or job titles and building your staffing and recruitment market around that specific niche.

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Now, there are many industry-specific things you should know about starting a niche’ recruitment & Staffing business. If you need some guidance on how to begin running your own Staffing Agency small business, let me provide you with the basics…

As the owner of a recruiting, staffing, executive search and management recruitment firm, you:

  1. Will be contracted by client companies to source and recruit skilled job applicants for specific positions within your client’s organization.
  2. For a fee paid to you by your client, you will be tasked with finding qualified candidates for your client that have a good skill and experience match for specific job openings.
  3. May operate your business as a sole individual recruiter full, or build a staff of recruiters that work for you and you can start full-time or part-time.

Now, in order to have a successful business, you should have a specific niche…one specific niche to be exact. There are a ton of companies offering a variety of niches to their clients (generalists), but companies today are looking for recruiting and staffing firms who offer specific talent within a specific space. This ensures them that they are working with a firm who offers a true solution that can immediately show ROI where a generalist may in fact struggle. Download Our FREE Guide On “What’s Involved In Starting And Scaling A Niche’ Recruitment and Staffing Business” – It’s FREE!

Hi, everyone my name is Ron Turner and I am from Memphis, Tn., I am opening my first office in 2-3 weeks from now. I can’t wait to learn as much as i can in order to apply it! I love this concept it’s amazing in my eyes and very positive. Let’s carry on this torch by enriching our families, friends, and communities.

Ronald Turner

Hello my name is Gein and I work in the IT field as we speak. I would like to do IT staffing as my niche. I have also closed a business that I ran for 5 years and am looking to start something new.

Eugene Banks

I am so excited to be here and I hope everyone is having a positive day. I currently own Medical 2 Staffing LLC. I am here to set myself apart from all the other staffing agency’s out there, and get the edge. we have been in operation since January of 2016 ( so not quite a year yet) but it has been a good year, I am looking to be nationwide in the next 5 years and I would love to have more then just a good year. And I have to say DEE you are amazing I love your energy. I can wait to learn more from you and your program.

Jackie Greever

Hello everyone, my name is Comfort Ebong. Iam a registered nurse over 16 years now . l have work in different medical settings including Registry/agency. And l am so glad l made it in here. No more procrastinating. Its Time For Action. l thank God for you Dee and for the calling upon your life. You Are A True Inspiration. I am not only excited about my Success in here, but lm thankful for joining a community with one Goal in mind and that is to Soar Like an Eagle. Iam looking forward to Partner with all in the medical community, my company name is Trinity Healthcare Solutions.

Comfort Ebong

Hello everyone i hope all is well. With 2016 ending i have decided to start preparing to make a impact in 2017, No more procrastinating and no more excuses. I am going to show myself i can achieve what i set my mind too.. An being a successful entrepreneur in staffing is what i want to be achieve.I have a clear mind and a go getter attitude .. So i have hear to get all the help and information i can to be successful… Dee i have being going back to all of your you tube videos and have been blown away.. so i am ready

Nolita Long

Hello Staffingpreneurs! I am excited to be part of the TEAM. I am new to the business. I actually started the company a few months ago and was looking for a mentor. And then, I found Dee Williams. Thank GOD for Dee. My niche is IT Project Managers and System Analysts. I have worked in the IT field for more than 25 years and felt it was time to follow my dream of owning a Staffing company. I live in the Bowie, Maryland area and currently working as an IT Consultant.

Doreen Wright

Thanks for all the love & great teaching Dee! <3 #awesome#rockinwebinarwithDee

Maria Elena Ferran

I worked my butt off all weekend and am very excited to be working on and writing up 5 submittals today! So excited to see everything finally coming together. Slower than I would like. But finally getting to the good part. Thanks Dee Williams! My kids know who you are because I have your videos on constantly. Watching and rewatching! My 14 volunteered to put everything in the ATS for me and do all the data entry because he even got excited. And my 11 wants to help too. I am setting up a little work area for them tonight. I have had my own business before and was very successful putting my 3 older daughters to work. Now it’s the boys turn.

Just thought I would share. I have been fairly quiet just taking everything in. Feeling extremely green. Starting with less than a shoestring budget. But woke up today so excited to get to work ?.

Barb Cavanaugh

The best mentor you’re going to get is Dee herself. That’s why she’s here for us! Trust me it’s MORE than worth it! Great success!

Wanda Petty

This call, even though I’ve been on a hundred, was the greatest ever!! Thanks DEE!! The motivation and knowledge gained is always priceless.

Merdith Ward

Hello Dee, thank you so much for sharing your knowledgeable brain with us. I know have so much more to work with on this journey to success. You are the epitome of a great leader and mentor. Kudos to you Dee

Pamela Berry

It was awesome Dee. Thanks so much for all your teaching, guidance and mentoring. Learned TONS of information!!!! Thanks Dee

Cesar Larrainza

Made some good connections today networking. New strategy with my business development. I was nervous at first to approach a CEO I am glad I did. When I turned around there where 2 more people waiting to speak with me because they overheard me talking to the other CEO. Ironically, several companies are opening more offices here in Houston in 2017. Also, they asked how do I find my candidates to be able to say I have pipeline and RELATIONSHIPS with my candidates felt good they were impressed.Dee Williams it is all making sense now Building RELATIONSHIPS with candidates and clients it takes time but I can see it coming together. I like it… #fun

Taneshia Jones

I just wanted to give a shout out…last night I watched your Facebook Live replay on Change Your Current Financial Situation. It was inspiring and true. I find myself in that situation at times of not moving forward on things even though I have set up a couple streams of income. Well, thank you so much and I’ll see you at the Boot Camp next week…

Cesar Larrainza

Thanks to Dee’s tools I am ready to go make something big!

Kanesha Ruiz

I was just telling someone at lunch today that Dee Williams was the best part of my business. Best decision I’ve made so far. I love Staffingpreneurs Academy! Mostly, I love Dee Williams. I can’t wait until my agency is big enough for Dee to come and train everyone. Those days are coming!

Lori Strubbe

As always, the webinar was excellent! As a result of attending the webinar, Learn How to Create Million Dollar Content For Your Staffing Agency Website, I have made numerous changes to my website and place to attend several more webinars. Thank you for being such an inspiration and resource to all of us who are developing, growing, or expanding our staffing agencies!

Pam Scott

Oka Dee and my fellow Staffingpreneurs… I just landed a deal to place 45 SAP Consultants (My Niche) on a 5 year project with the US Navy. I am super excited!!!

Tim Holleman

“I am so happy that I signed up for your class because I have learned more in one night that I learned in 1 year trying to figure this business out on my own. Can wait for the next class on Wednesday!!”

Keisha Williams

“I must say the first day of class was great! I am very happy and blessed to have you as a mentor and instructor. I took a lot away from yesterday’s class.”

Bemi Ademokoya

“I took the Recruiter and Resume training courses. I must say I learned more than I ever thought I would! Dee Williams is an amazing instructor!”

Ashely Price