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In 2017, companies in the U.S. spent $141 Billion on staffing services and companies globally spent $428 Billion.

  • 24% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The IT Industry
  • 15% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Office Clerical Industry
  • 13% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Healthcare Industry
  • 7% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Finance & Accounting Industry
  • 6% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Engineering/Design Industry
  • 3% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From Other Professional Industries
  • 2% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Clinical/Scientific Industry
  • 1% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Education Industry
  • 1% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Legal Industry
  • 1% of US Staffing Revenue in 2017 Came From The Marketing & Creative Industry

There are 19,408 staffing firms operating in the U.S.

  • Only 140 firms generated $100M in Revenue.
  • 1,428 recruitment & staffing firms generated $5M – $10M in revenue
  • 5,534 firms generated $1M-$5M in revenue.
  • 10,815 firms generated less than $1M in revenue

There is extensive opportunity for you create and scale with the right strategy and execution because not one of these firms has a significant market share. If you fall into one of these brackets, we would like to assist you with scaling and taking your niche’ recruitment & staffing business to the next level.

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What does all of this really mean? It means opportunity – and not just any opportunity. We’re talking about THE opportunity to bring your knowledge, skills, experience, network, and ingenuity to develop the most creative and inspiring solutions to critical recruitment, staffing and hiring challenges using the Niche’ Solution. Let us assist you with starting your very own niche’ recruitment and staffing business:

  • Step-By-Step Instructions from Idea to Set-Up to Growth!
  • Strategic Tools, Supplies, Technology, and Resources!
  • A Community of  Staffingpreneurs For Growth & Networking!

(Source: Staffing Industry Analyst US Staffing Industry Forecast, April 2017 Update)

That was just a basic overview of how the business works. It’s important for you to know that this market is crowded in it’s current form. It’s reported that there are around 22,000 staffing agencies in the U.S. alone. If you’re looking to excel in this business, you will want to come to the table with a unique approach using The Niche’ Solution.

In business, leverage is one of the most valuable assets you can have. The Niche’ Solution is a concept that allows you to create leverage within a crowded market, by choosing a niche’ segment and/or job titles and building your staffing and recruitment market around that specific niche.

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Now, there are many industry-specific things you should know about starting a niche’ recruitment & Staffing business. If you need some guidance on how to begin running your own Staffing Agency small business, let me provide you with the basics…

As the owner of a recruiting, staffing, executive search and management recruitment firm, you:

  1. Will be contracted by client companies to source and recruit skilled job applicants for specific positions within your client’s organization.
  2. For a fee paid to you by your client, you will be tasked with finding qualified candidates for your client that have a good skill and experience match for specific job openings.
  3. May operate your business as a sole individual recruiter full, or build a staff of recruiters that work for you and you can start full-time or part-time.

Now, in order to have a successful business, you should have a specific niche…one specific niche to be exact. There are a ton of companies offering a variety of niches to their clients (generalists), but companies today are looking for recruiting and staffing firms who offer specific talent within a specific space. This ensures them that they are working with a firm who offers a true solution that can immediately show ROI where a generalist may in fact struggle. Download Our FREE Guide On “What’s Involved In Starting And Scaling A Niche’ Recruitment and Staffing Business” – It’s FREE!

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