Who Is The Top ATS of 2018?

Who Is The Top ATS of 2018?

Today, we are getting fired up about the top five applicant tracking systems of 2018. Okay, so I’m just putting this little quick video out because I’m trying to figure out why haven’t you completed the survey that’s in the link below. We sent the survey out now four times, and we’re deciding to do this a sixth round stint, right, where we send the surveys out. You can only complete the survey once, but I don’t want it to be based on my experience and what my clients are telling me, I also want to be able to hear from you. The applicant tracking system companies want to hear from you. Let me tell you, it is a tight race this year. Are you kidding me?

Now listen, these ATS companies are playing to win. I have demoed now 27 applicant tracking system companies, and I think I still have four more on the books throughout the end of this month. It is not a game. We are not playing, they are not playing, and we want to launch this video towards the second week in March, so your feedback is imperative. Do me a favor, click on the link below, let us know the type of experience that you’re having with your current applicant tracking system, and then once the video launches we can go in and celebrate and see who’s doing what. I mean, we’ve got ATS companies that are integrating AI, email marketing, text messaging. I mean, widgets and Chrome plug-ins are flying everywhere. I’m talking about CRMs.

If you think that applicant tracking systems are old school or that they are outdated, let me just tell you, the things that they are doing with this technology is absolutely going to blow your mind. Oh, and you know, I am such a geek. Like, I am in ATS heaven. I want you to experience that with me. Do me a favor, click on the link below, finish the survey. It’s about five minutes and we promise we won’t sell you anything. We only want your feedback. Click here to complete the survey.

To complete the blog click this link: www.top5ats.com

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